GreeceMonkey Reunion's 10,000 people cant be wrong

In 2008 / 2009 /2010 GreeceMonkey Ltd held an end of season Greece reunion event called "The Last Night of the Season"

Each event at the o2 Arena sold out and was attended by over 2500 people each time.

The Events were always popular and sold out because GreeceMonkey Ltd offered something that could not be offered by any Tour Operator. The events was 80% cheaper than the Tour Operators and all of our performers were local or had worked in the resort in that year.

We also recognised the outstanding efforts of the local businesses and people from each season, by hosting an awards ceremony, where each category was voting for by over 10,000 local or UK based people.

This reunion event will be back in the near future... look out for the promotions during the season.